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File Host is a powerful and simple file sharing system developed by CodeCo to allow screenshots and other media to easily be shared across the public. CodeCo did not like the standard approach of just uploading an an image so he set out to design a more elegant solution with an integrated web viewer and SEO friendly URLs.

This system is an invite only service. To be able to use it for yourself, you must obtain credentials for the system from CodeCo by either emailing or contacting CodeCo on Discord. Include a description about yourself and why you would like to use File Paste.

Hi, I'm CodeCo. I'm a student with an interest in technology, modern design and love for photography. I have an understanding in Linux system administration and web languages.

Some content for the footer which I'm writing at night as this is when I do web development.. This is a placeholder for what could be here but le code is too tired to think.

If you would like to contact me, please write an email to, message me on Discord or tweeting to me. For the fastest response, contact me via Discord.