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DeluxeNode Ltd. is a relatively new and powerful hosting company with the aim to provide the highest quality service at the lowest price possible.

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MystiCube is a Minecraft network based off of the idea of having a quality team put together with a nice network at the same time.

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A Minecraft resource forum for developers and server owners to easily and quickly be able to share resources securely amongst each other.

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Pterodactyl Concept

A complete redesign the popular and powerful game panel, Pterodactyl, as a concept for what may become an external theme or addon.

Open Source

File Paste

A high quality code sharing website for anyone to use. It boasts a limit higher than 1 billion characters and 120 days of storage along with a dark design.

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File Host

An invite only service to make sharing multimedia files incredibly easy via a URL. It has been coded carefully to load quickly and efficiently.

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Hi, I'm CodeCo. I'm a student with an interest in technology, modern design and love for photography. I have an understanding in Linux system administration and web languages.

Some content for the footer which I'm writing at night as this is when I do web development.. This is a placeholder for what could be here but le code is too tired to think.

If you would like to contact me, please write an email to, message me on Discord or tweeting to me. For the fastest response, contact me via Discord.